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Where Do I Start?

Pick Your Favorite Style To Learn


Highlight, and bookmark favorite parts to return to again and again. Our top 3 books to start the healing program are included in The Reading Starter Package at $37.


We have DVDs for you to relax at home and learn powerful tools to help. Pick from our TOP  two best selling DVD sets: Mastering Steps or Redeeming Broken Hearts $79.95.


Talk with Nancy Thomas in person and get answers from her 40 years of experience. Pick a phone consult package and save.  One hour $95, 4 hours $310, 12 hours $840.


Step by step  video modules that walk you through the healing process from where to start to how to say it.  Tuition for the 6 week Master Course is $1200.


We have research backed and proven Family Bonding Camps that work in the US and Canada. $895 each for 6 days of food, lodging, new tools and a life changing opportunity for healing.


Check out great webinars to view instantly and NEW Live ones coming soon. Each info packed session is only $29. Start with Brain Based Behavior Interventions.