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Recorded Webinars

The best solutions to challenges for you!  Only $29 each

Overcome Roadblocks to Heal a Challenging Child   Nancy shares what can block a challenging child from healing and some terrific solutions to overcome each one!

Teamwork for Two, Saving your Marriage while Saving your Children   Couples can be on the verge of shipwreck due to a child is causing havoc in the house. With sick kids in the house, Nancy and her cowboy found solutions! They’re here!

Brain Based Behavior Interventions   These parenting tools are the best of the best to stop the arguing and shouting and have some PEACE! This is how we correct while we connect and heal the brain!

Can Children Heal from RAD? Is There Hope? Amazing parents offer their stories for others to find help. Read for you and wrapped up in their message of hope by Nancy Thomas.

Bedtime for Bonzo or Sleep in Heavenly Peace   Here is how to win the bedtime battle and get children to bed.

Therapy, Therapists Treatment that Works   Looking for help for a child with Attachment issues? Want to know what effective treatment looks like to resolve trauma? Here is the answer to treatments that work!

Connecting Heart to Heart with a Challenging Child   Do you feel stuck?  Need a jump start? Nancy gives you answers, r and solutions to recharge your batteries to be an A+ parent to your wounded child by connecting Heart to Heart.

It Takes a Thief!   Fun filled and time tested tools to help stop challenging children from stealing are presented with love and laughter by Nancy Thomas.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!   Learn the root causes of the lying behavior and the tips and tricks you can use to decrease and ultimately eliminate this behavior.

School DAZE… Success in School for Challenging Children   For Educators to know how to create: A Positive Learning Environment, Student Self-Motivation, Positive Behavior, and Classroom Control.

Wild Ideas to Tame a Wild Child   Nancy shares some great ideas to lighten your load and bring back the laughter!

NEW!! Victory over Violence  The roots of violence, what fuels it and how to end it are here.

NEW!! How to Cultivate a Conscience   Helping a child to stop lying, stealing, or hurting others requires a healthy conscience. It’s a moral compass that helps us choose right from wrong. Here are the keys to help a child develop one.

NEW!! Adoption and Attachment   Bringing a new little into your home must be done correctly for babies and toddlers to do well. Nancy Thomas shares the overall plan to make that happen with success!

NEW!! Defeat Defiance from the Inside Out Nancy & Sarah Jordan, Therapist & Neurofeedback Practitioner bring insights and ideas end to defiance from inside the brain! AMAZING!

NEW!! All Aboard the Brain Train; How to Get Your Child’s Brain on The Right Track Nancy and Sarah Jordan team up to bring you exciting info to help get a challenging child back on track. Loaded with lots of insight and tools to help heal the brain and the behavior!