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Therapy Goals

An Attachment Therapist is a necessary ingredient for an effective healing team.
  1. To attach the mother and child to each other
  2. To give the child a safe place to release and resolve past trauma
  3. To help the child express their feelings with words rather than actions
  4. To empower the parents with effective parenting techniques
  5. To support and encourage the parents in their quest to save their child
Powerful Tools Usually Used by Attachment Therapist
  • Attachment Therapy has been documented by research to be highly effective. Since 1972 it has been safely used with excellent result.
  • Neurofeedback has 30 years of research showing it works by helping the brain function at healthier levels.
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). This is a well researched tool to resolve traumatic memories.
  • Theraplay – effective for younger children when the therapist guides the mother to do the treatment rather than triangulating between them.

An Attachment Therapist will maintain control of the treatment. Non-directive play therapy, traditional talk therapy and sand tray therapy have been proven to either be ineffective with children with RAD or make them sicker. When control is given to the emotionally disturbed child, the child fine tunes their ability to con, manipulate and lie by leading the therapist down the wrong path. An Attachment Therapist can help a child with RAD to take the road to success.

Where Can You Find an Attachment Therapist?
We have a parent recommended therapist list. If you have a therapist who has had success with your RAD child, please fill out the Therapist Recommendadtion Form. If you are a therapist, please download the Therapist Referral Form or send your clients here to fill it out.