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Alaska Attachment Therapists

The following therapists have earned at least one star by being recommended by a parent of a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder. The number of ⭐️’s they have indicates the number of parents that have recommended them. I have not personally given them the stars. The parents who have spent time and money working with them have taken the time to help others by filling out the Recommend A Therapist Form  about the therapist they wanted to recommend to other parents searching for help for their children with RAD. We began this list in 2001, and it just keeps growing! If you find a ⭐️ please let us know!

Linda Jacobsen LCSW ⭐️⭐️
PO Box 651
Soldotna, AK 99669
Phone: (907) 262-6514

NON Therapist Resources

R.A.V.E.N. Respite
PO Box 872188
Wasilla, Alaska 99687
Phone: (907) 376-0506
Parent Support Line (907) 373-6937
A project of Alaska Attachment & Bonding Associates which was started in an effort to develop a safe respite for parents who are raising children with Reactive Attachment Disorder.

We provide the following resources:

  • Library (books on loan)
  • Parent Support Group
  • Online Group
  • Community Resources
  • Attachment & Bonding Workshops
  • Parent Advocate
  • IEP Parent Advocate
  • Raven Respite
  • AmeriCorps* VISTA Member
  • Respite Development

Please help us keep this list as current as possible. If you find old, dated or incorrect information, please let us know. If you are a Therapist and aren’t listed, you can direct your clients to the Recommend A Therapist Form and have them tell us about your success with their Attachment Disordered child.