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Proper therapy is an essential part of healing children with RAD Reactive Attachment Disorder.  The specialized parenting techniques go hand-in-hand with the therapy to provide the therapeutic environment necessary for the child to feel safe enough to open their heart to trust and love again. What does therapy need to look like? Read more HERE.

Are you a Mental Health Professional looking for more tools?

We are gearing up for a cutting edge international training on “Treating RAD and Developmental Trauma Disorder” for you! Read more HERE

Have Questions?

Nancy has answers. She is honored to do all she can to help you guide your clients. Schedule you personal phone consultation with Nancy HERE

Want some treatment ideas and goals?

This one hour webinar is filled with ideas. For $29 you can get yours HERE

Seeking resources to guide the parents of children with RAD?

Our top selling book “When Love is Not Enough” is $18. Get yours HERE

Our best selling DVD set that many professionals share with parents is Mastering Steps to Heal a Challenging Child, 8 DVDs and Manual $79.95. Order Yours HERE

Would You Like Some Experiential Skill Building to Take Your Practice to the Next Level?

Nancy invites professionals to join her team at her family bonding camps. You get two and a half intensive days of training and six days of hands-on professional development will bring a deeper level of understanding, new skills and a power boost of motivation to build your healing program. Camp is unforgettable! If you are a Mental Health Professional wanting to take it up a notch  this research backed and proven program will take you there. You will be glad you did! Check the dates and locations HERE then email or call 970 984 2222. Join us! We will save you a spot!

Help us to Help Parents Find Skilled Professional Help!

If you are trained in treating RAD and are successful with your clients PLEASE  look over this Therapist Recommendation Form and encourage your clients to fill it out and send it to us.  Each therapist gets a star for each recommendation from the families they have been successful in helping.  There are many stars out there!  Are you one of them? Parents need to find you. Help us make that happen!

Parents, Are You Looking for a Mental Health Professional with Skills in Treating RAD?

We have a list of star therapists in many states to help with the hundreds of thousands of these profoundly disturbed children.  You can find one, that other parents have recommended HERE. Remember, a treatment provider that is trained to treat RAD will insist that a parent is part of every session and refuse to meet with a child with RAD alone! Be aware and be sure your child is getting the proper treatment. Not sure? Get this $29 video HERE