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Parents’ Testimonials

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Nancy, you ultimately saved our family. I watched you passionately share and teach us how to overcome, and today, our family is healing. I watch you selflessly give to family after family.    You are an amazing person and I am eternally grateful for your vision and dedication to helping the families you serve. Gaile O. and family, Asheville, NC
Thank you for keeping our family, including our Raddish, out of the looney bin and early graves. Not kidding.The Shaw Family
My husband and I attended the Building The Broken Bond Conference in Oklahoma. We are grateful for the information that we learned at the conference. Our daughter is not healed yet, but you and Beth give us hope. It was hard to fight the tears during the conference because for once I actually feel like someone understands. Ashley, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Do you recall those Eagle camps in Northamptonshire back in 2006/2008, we attended both with our adopted son T. and you gave us so much help at that time? Well he is now nearly 16 and a fine young man who is achieving well at school with his exams. We have so much to thank you for, your work made so much difference to us and our relationship with Tommy, it changed things completely and, we are certain, made a huge difference. Mandy, Andy W. Rushden England
Our family reached out to many, many people before we found Nancy. Much of my personal suffering ended when I finally found someone who understands both our child and our needs as parents.   Nancy is an angel on earth. She has a rare combination of wisdom, street smarts and a HUGE loving heart. Simply watching Nancy in a video has given us the respite we need during times of stress. There is something about Nancy that exudes Healing, even on a webcast! I walk through my life aspiring to be even a little bit like Nancy. (seriously!). Thank you, Nancy, for all you have done for our family & for so many families/children/now-grown adults. Mostly, you have one of the Biggest Hearts I have ever encountered. Julie S. Lincoln, Nebraska
You have been an encouragement and inspiration to me for many years. I loved hearing you speak at several ATTACh conferences and in Grand Rapids and Battle Creek, Michigan! I was honored to be able to have dinner with you after your workshop. Even though we ended up placing our adopted daughter with another adoptive family because of attachment disorder, I never gave up praying that someday I would be able to see her again. After 17 years, God answered my prayers and my husband and I were overjoyed to be reunited and see what a lovely 22 year old she had become. I want to let you know that your optimism, faith, and love of children has been a wonderful example to me. Carol P., Lansing, MI
The world needs you, all you know and understand about our children. I don’t know where I would be today if it had not been for our connection. My little Eve that is now 14 might not have made the attachment that she has.I want you to come again to do a workshop for us here in California. I talk about you and how things changed after you came into the lives here in our area. Rose Baker, Eureka, California
You are such a strong, wonderful, spiritual person and we feel like we are such a big part of your family.  We can not express enough the love you have blessed us with in our quest to find help with our sons.  You took so much time and care and wrapped us in your loving arms and made us feel like we mattered and gave us the support we all, as damaged people, very much needed.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Lorraine F. and Teresa K., Spokane Washington
Nancy helped my husband and I get on the same page in terms of raising our boy. We attended camp and came back with a plan to help him heal. With instruction and encouragement from Nancy, we provided a great deal of structure, consistency and love. In time we were able to give him more freedom and though I wouldn’t say he is consistently respectful, responsible and fun to be around he is certainly more fun to be around than prior to camp! We are grateful for our experience at camp. Ginny, USA I have had very dear friends, for over 25 years. I saw their struggles in putting together their family with their twin daughters.  I know that you were an amazing part of this successful family.  Now with continued prayers, efforts, programs and endurance, their lives are full and meaningful. God Bless, Valerie S, Houston, MN
Nancy You were the first person who did not make me feel, if I just did more and loved more my daughter would be fine. I had never heard of attachment issues till I read “When Love Is Not Enough”. I can not thank you enough for opening a whole new world to me. I also listened to the CD teaching. Have shared it with other parents of adopted children. Kathleen W. Oregon
We have not met Nancy yet, but I was recently introduced to her by a friend, Rebecca, who’s daughter has RAD. She gave me a CD to listen to, that had an interview with Nancy on it. It made me laugh and cry because I related so much to what she was discussing. I immediately liked Nancy and her techniques she talked about using with these children. Rebecca told me about her experience at Nancy’s camps (she has been to 2 of them). I knew in my heart I needed to get my family to one. We have been falling apart for years. So we will attend our first camp on October 4-10. There is no doubt in my mind that God has led me to Nancy and Rebecca for the healing of our family. We are just starting our journey but I wanted to thank Nancy for doing all that she does.   Hallie L, Las Vegas, NV
Thanks for enlightening me to the issue of RAD. We are working hard to help my child to recovery & feeling loved no matter what she throws at us. Your contribution is forever appreciated! Sarah, Pocatello, ID
Nancy, without the help and insight that you have provided I would likely still be in survival mode, trying to “like” my kids and struggling to find joy in my day to day responsibilities.  I still have a long way to go until I’m really doing things “the Nancy Thomas way,” but earlier this week I was telling my friend (who up holds me in prayer daily), that I seldom ever get angry and that the negative feelings I used to have (that brought huge guilt and shame) just don’t exist anymore…well, at least not very often.  I confessed to her how hard it had been for me to even hug some of my own children!!  Nancy, the impact that you have made on me, which has tidal waved out into my family and rippled to many other families and friends who will give me their ear, is eternal.  I have 6 RAD children, and my dreams of raising them to know, trust and serve the Lord were pretty shattered until I met you and learned your techniques.  In fact, as you can understand, these children were stealing from me (so it seemed), my very own Christian principals…despite my trying and tears, I could not be the mother and Christian example that I desperately wanted to be as their behaviours and attitudes were controlling me!!!  Oh goodness, it is not easy ( I have on my to-do-list to schedule an appointment with you!), but with the tools that you have placed in my hand through your book and DVD’s, I finally feel like I can make a difference…I am laughing…I am loving…I am healing…and my kids are too. Lynn H., Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories, Canada (80 km above the Arctic Circle)
There are no words to express how thankful I am for all that Nancy has done to help my son heal. And it’s not just what she does, but how – with such kindness and generosity. I was at camp last October and saw first hand how tirelessly and hard Nancy works for our children, she’s incredible. Nancy’s knowledge and guidance is invaluable and has been a blessing for my family and countless of others as well. She’s a light that gives hope when I felt there was no hope. It’s because of her that my son is on his way to having a successful life. From our heart to yours Nancy…thank you and much love to you! Rose T.
You have helped us beyond what anyone could. Camp, sending us Miss Pam’s way, your ready listening ear, always positive and ready to help!! Don’t like to think where we’d be without your help. Tyson is doing so much better. Praise the Lord! And we are too. There is a good life to live. God has helped us through times we didn’t think we could go through. And again, a deep, special thanks to you, Miss Nancy for all your wonderful hard work. Love you!! Sheldon & Grace R., Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
How can we squish the gazillion words of gratitude in our hearts into a short paragraph!? Previous to Camp, our life was a fight to stay above the despair, frustration, and worry over our son. It was you, Nancy, who turned the lights on in our brains when we went to your camp! It was truly life changing. We began to understand, and the despair turned to hope, the frustration to compassion. Joy bubbles over in our home because we now have genuinely fun family times…sparkling eyed children who laugh with us…the amazing feeling of working together harmoniously…a heartbroken son who’s slowly but surely healing, able to express the pain and fear he feels, and let’s us comfort him while tears roll down his cheeks and mine. Bad days come, but we’ve got the tools now to get through them. And would you believe this?! Even on bad days we laugh! The other day C. was in the middle of a rage (you know that certain really, really loud roar, I call it his RAD roar), I stood and calmly watched him with loving eyes as you taught us. He caught my eye and that’s all it took for him to burst into laughter mid roar! We had such a belly laugh! He gave another couple half hearted attempts to get back into his roaring but his heart just wasn’t in it. You wrote us in an email once that if it isn’t fun, we’re not doing it right, and that’s our mantra. Thank you, dearest Miss Nancy, aka modern day Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, for everything. Love you so much… Roy and Maria, W. Manitoba, Canada
We want to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate you and how much you have impacted our family.   My daughter and her husband were at their wit’s end when they heard about a Nancy Thomas Family Camp, for families with RAD kids.  At the time my grandson was right at the cut off age, but you graciously allowed them to come with him, and his two brothers adopted from Haiti, all three very RAD.   You were an answer to our prayers.  My daughter and son-in-law were able to leave with hope in their hearts and tools and skills to help them parent the kids as they needed to be parented. We are so proud of our oldest grandson and the amazing man he is becoming.   He went from rage, to a loving caring person.  From failing in school to honor roll, and is now attending Arizona Grand Canyon University and loving it.  Our other two grandsons are doing great also.   MY daughter has been able to share what she learned from you with many other families.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you’ve done for us, and many families all over the world.   You are an amazing women and have a heart of gold.  Ken and Tanya B., Oregon
You will just never know how much of an impact you have made on our lives.  Four years ago, I went to a workshop in Cheyenne, WY.  I think I bawled through half of it, because I thought, “Here is a lady WHO HAS BEEN IN MY HOUSE!  Finally, someone who understands me.”    I was so excited to go home and put to use the tools in my tool box.  After using your techniques, my son completely stopped his disgusting habits within 6 months.  I became a less angry momma; but most importantly, I got rid of the guilt I was feeling.  When you said, “I know you love your child….you know how I know?  Because they still have their arms and legs!”  It was at that moment I was completely absolved of all the bad thoughts I was having toward my son.  What a weight off my aching back. When I came home and taught these things to my husband…he decided to listen to your CDs at work (he’s a coal miner that drives a dozer).  He listened to them over and over.  Your brain research is what won him to my side of thinking.  No longer was there triangulation.  We were finally on the same page. My Sweetums is going to be 12 in November.  He still has his little irritations…but it is manageable.   And two years ago, he lost his “rad smile.”  His school pictures were the most amazing true smile I had ever seen him give. I have you to thank for everything.  Jenn and Tim V., Gillette, WY
We will always appreciate you, Nancy, for your life long work in serving God by helping families.   You have certainly helped ours.  You have touched our family by opening our eyes to what our daughter’s needs were.  We did not know what RAD was, but we knew our daughter had problems.  Through your ministry, we became educated on RAD and went to a camp.  It has been a long and hard journey, but we believe our daughter is healed, or at least healing by a large amount.  It all started with you.  Thank you. Jerry P. Arizona
Ever since we read your materials, and enjoyed 3 inspirational days of training, YOU gave us fighting power to do all we could possibly do to help our dear (RAD) daughter.  She will be 18 years old in 7 months!  Lost “Dad” suddenly, to brain cancer, just last Christmas!  Both of us had a VERY rough time, but we appear to be doing better lately.   Thanks for all your help, and INSPIRATION.  Margarita X.,
While we feel blessed to have the amazing tool box that Nancy has provided for us and the sense of humor to make this difficult parenting more bearable, but the greatest gift is that of hope that our two sons will be the amazing kids they are meant to be!!! Love, Ethan, Randi C., Lynchburg, VA Ethan, Randi C., Lynchburg, VA
Nancy Thomas has helped my family bond and grow.  We went to her camp in Illinois this spring and it truly was a blessing.  Nancy is such an inspiration to me and many other people.  She has a special gift to help heal the wounded child.    She has spent many years learning what she has learned and she has mastered it. Our family would not be as strong as we are if it weren’t for Nancy.  Deanna, Michigan,
You are one of the strongest women I have ever met and I admire you greatly! Thank you for your love for hurting families and the sacrifices you have made in your own life to help minister to the needs of these families.  Your techniques and example have personally changed my life and the lives of my children.  You taught me how to be the mom that God intended me to be for my kids. Brandi W., Jonesboro, Arkansas
You are an inspiration and role model to parenting with your creative ideas and life experiences you are a blessing, especially to my family. You recently had a conference call with me regarding my pending adoption. I thank you for taking the time to talk with me and guide me on how to help my children. Tracy S., New YorkTracy S., New York
You are a bright star in a world of darkness. When we first met you we were at our wits end, thinking about just giving up and letting him run the streets like he wanted to do. When we joined you in the flight check crew we learned even more about ourselves! You have inspired our family not to give up on our son, D. Some days are harder than others but we know we can do this. You have given us hope and love and lots of hugs! We learned from you how important those hugs are! Without you I truly believe our family would have given up. We have hope and direction for the future. D. will be 14 soon but not all hope is lost. Just like you told  us we can’t give up on him! We love you so much!!!  Mike and Andrea W.
There is no one else like you as far as healing our precious children goes.  With your enormous knowledge, guidance and help, I now have an almost normal preteen.  He has grown from an angry, raging boy to someone who is now trying very hard to overcome his obstacles.  He still sees his therapist twice monthly, gets neurofeedback weekly and has made several trips for respite.  None of this could have been done without the knowledge I gained from knowing you.Joyce, Caleb and Josiah. FL

I wanted to thank you for the info you have put out in books and tapes.  Though we don’t have time or money to attend other things, you have been a big help for me and mine.  My husband and I raised four bio children, took care of many foster children, and finally adopted eleven in four different sibling groups.  As you can imagine, they came with baggage.  All from disrupted previous adoptions.  Your information and encouragement went a long way in giving me the confidence to be the mom they needed rather than the mom they thought they wanted.  We only have one who continues to be resistant, the rest are all started out in adult life or on their way, though the youngest is eight so it may be a while.  We continue to keep the resistant one reined in tight, hoping he will make the connection.  And you are correct, having several with attachment problems is challenging. Thanks again for all you do,Ginny F., Nezperce, Idaho
Thank you so much for spending an hour and a half on a phone conference with my husband and I when our house was falling apart and being attacked. We have been able to re-group, use many of your techniques, and are seeking help locally with a Christian counselor. Our son is turning around and our marriage is healing.   Thank you and may God bless you.Danny & Ginger T., Fort Worth Texas
We attended your seminar in Oct 2013. Taking your approach and applying some techniques to our family has been amazing, I am a stronger mom and person for it. I am also more engaged and less stressed. I’m positive that without implementing what we learned thru seminar and DVD that we would be on a shaky rocky path. I am so thankful for the information and knowledge you share and the encouragement you give. During the seminar I was like “finally someone understands and relates”- thank you. Alena C.
I attended Nancy’s Seminar in Oklahoma City in July. I adopted 7 year old twins from foster care 2 years ago. They are now 9. When I came to see Nancy in July, we had just had to place one of my twins, who has severe RAD inpatient for hiding a knife in his toy box with the intention of killing his twin. It was a devastating time and I was at o my weakest moment as a parent and then I went to her conference. It was one of the most life changing moments of my life. She gave me hope when other professionals had me feeling hopeless. For the first time in 2 years, instead of being judged and being blamed as the reason, I was among people who understood. I spent both days soaking up every single piece of information I could. I was excited. I was hopeful and to be honest, I didn’t want it to end. I so desperately wanted to come talk to Nancy and hug her and tell her how she literally changed my life, but I knew I would end up being a blubbering mess of a worn down emotionally drained mom who wouldn’t be able to get a single sentence out through the tears of joy, thankfulness and relief that I would have shed. Since I wasn’t able to say it then, I would love to now be able to say thank you. Thank you for educating me in ways hours of other resources couldn’t. Thank you for the levity you were able to bring to what can feel like such a sad and hopeless situation. Thank you for giving my son a better chance because of the tools I was given. Thank you for inspiring me to complete my degree in social work/psychology field so that, while I have no idea what capacity I will use it, I truly feel a calling in life to help educate people and help people from the experiences I’ve lived.   Sincerely, Traci T. Sand Springs, Oklahoma.
I’ve been working with a child with RAD for almost three years now and have been so blessed by Nancy’s wisdom and passion for working with children and parents. She has taught me how to take care of myself so I can care for our kids. Our guy has gone from requiring Special Ed services including a one-one aid, to class Vice President and high honors this year as a sophomore. He qualified for states his freshman year in cross country and outdoor track! And what was his greatest accomplishment? His ongoing journey towards healing his heart. Where he once couldn’t hug, he now gives great big bear hugs…. He’s learning how to love. I was away from home the other day and he called and left the following message on my phone: “Hi, mum, it’s Josh. I am getting ready to go to practice now. I hope you’re home when I get home. Thanks for being my mom when my real mother didn’t want to… I love you!” Whenever I feel discouraged, I hear Nancy say, “As long as they’re breathing there’s hope God bless!Kari B. Maine

My niece, came to me at age 8. Diagnosed at 9 with RAD, PTSD, ODD & ADHD, left me lost on how to help her. The Childrens’ Hospital that diagnosed her didn’t know how to help her. I was told to institutionalize her as there is no hope and it would only get worse when she became a teen. I rejected that prognosis and did my own research, which led me to your book “When Love Is Not Enough,” among others. It became my go-to book over the years as it predicted every new behavior that manifested. It’s also the book her attachment therapists used as required reading.  I also gave the school a CD of yours, “Captive in the Classroom.” I used some of the tips at home as well – like when she was doing an excellent job at trying to get herself expelled, I kept her home to learn how to become a maid or landscaper (I don’t own horses) because school is a privilege but it’s my job to make sure she has employable skills, etc. Even though I was her biggest cheerleader to becoming the best maid ever, she really wanted to go back to school. She is 18 and a senior in high school now. She has plans for college. She still has a lot to work on but appreciates me, her life, and her opportunities. You and your wisdom are a huge part of that. She would not be here if it wasn’t for that wisdom. She was considered the worst case of lack of self. To make something of nothing is extremely hard. To find a place of hope for her was key. Thank you for being that place. Cincinnati, Ohio,
Nancy, You helped my family out in a desperate hour with information that literally transformed us… Thank You!Matt
I’m a volunteer with two camps under my belt – Esperanza in Ensenada, and Camp Revolution with Pam Clifner, in Washington State. I was struck by how unassuming and approachable you are. You’re a powerhouse with so much knowledge it’s a little intimidating! You’ve served the Lord well with your gifts. It’s such an encouragement to see kids and families changed at camp. The hope that people leave with is amazing. I went to camp to help the kids and families and found myself helped each time. Thank you, Nancy. You make me want to be a better person, one that will in turn pour out love on those around me.Becky L. Eastern Washington
Thank you for the wonderful conference you gave at the Madison County DHR in Huntsville, AL. You were such an encouragement to me and my husband.  You are a very special lady.Lisa S. AL
There is not another woman that I respect and admire as much as you, Nancy Thomas.  (Mother is dead.)  Every morning I throw on a frayed Mt. Cross sweatshirt until the fog wears off around here, and I go through the day trying to say things the way N.T. would say them….with humor and resolve.  This has resulted in a very happy turn-around in A.’s life and we are expecting the same results one day from T.  I am grateful to you that both my girls are staying at home to raise their babies. You were very convincing!!!JoAnne and Mark M. CA
I think to even begin to try to give Nancy Thomas the real recognition she deserves is almost impossible. Reading her books is where I started. They gave me hope. They made me feel someone was right there by my side who understands. Then my husband and I had the honor to go to her seminar. It is one of the best moments of my life. The reason is to see Beth, her daughter, stand there whole again. This told me nothing is impossible. Nancy Thomas has to be the most giving person on this earth. Why? Not too many people keep preserving. They give up on these kids. She doesn’t. Jamie G., Hennepin, OK
You saved our family from a disaster. All of your books were helpful, but the best advice I ever received was from our phone call (through your website). You focused on the importance of creating a relationship. After so many years of turmoil, I thought that was impossible. But, against all local suggestions, I decided to keep my daughter home with me rather than send her away to school. Our relationship has grown more and for the better. Staying home meant much to her and she’s slowly becoming a family kid at age 17. I shudder to think where we’d be now if I’d sent her away to school two years ago. The parents who did have angry live-wire kids turning 18 with nowhere to go now. Very sad.Joelene
Thank you for bringing love and laughter back into our home.. Before camp in Alaska 2014, every mealtime was a disaster! Now we have waaaay more happy meals…like almost every one!!! Yay for Miss Nancy!! Thank you for helping heal all our hurting kids and families! Get better soon..Merle and Kathy L, AB. Canada
You have indeed been an inspiration and the wind beneath our wings at many crucial moments. Attached please find our daughter’s winning entry in our local Congressional Art Competition in 2014. This is a self-portrait with chicken that she called “a joyful moment.” Our daughter, now almost 19,  is not yet at the amazing point of self-knowledge and healing that Beth was when we saw you both at camp in California in 2006. But she is well on her way to that possibility of understanding and greater inner piece, in no small part as a result of the love you shared with us.The Williams/Zabel family
Nancy saved our family from the depths of despair and gave us the tools to heal our son from severe RAD.  There are not many people in this world that you meet for a week or two who make such a lasting impression not only on our lives, but on future generations as well.  Nancy is one of those people, and we are forever grateful for her and the amazing work she does!! Mollie M.,Florida
Words cannot express how you have touched our lives.  It started with reading your book last spring, then attending your camp in Illinois, receiving a wealth of information we have spent our whole adoption journey looking for (14 years!) as well as meeting families in similar situations for support, and gaining professional contacts needed to make ultimate gains in healing.  It was like being given keys to open a door to our kids’s hearts.  Since Camp, I cannot get enough information regarding brain development and trauma, specifically surrounding neglect, as well as strong sitting for brain shifting.  I find it fascinating and share it with anyone willing to listen.  It was hard to keep tears at bay during camp, not tears of sadness, but tears of hope.  You provided us the tools we had been searching for… not medication the “medical professionals” had prescribed.  Daily, weekly, monthly we continue to see ever slight changes in our daughters.  It is like watching hair or grass grow; you don’t notice it day by day, but all of the sudden you notice slight changes; more peacefulness, a light and radiance in their eyes, and such a beautiful smile, that has never been there before.  You have given us Hope for their future and the key to their hearts.  You have forever changed their lives, and ours.Chuckie and Cindy D., Downing, Wisconsin
There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t count my blessings of the gifts you’ve given to me. I am profoundly grateful for your wisdom, and guidance with helping me with my RAD daughter. I came to one of your workshops and got to hug you personally! Being in your arms was healing for me. It was not an ordinary hug. It was more than that. In your arms, I felt this incredible amount of love, acceptance, and understanding that only Jesus could give. To this day, I still think about you, what you said to me, and how you made me feel. My daughter completed a two-year program, and has become part of our family. It is AMAZING what you have done for us. I love you lots!!! Maria C. FL
If I had to sum Nancy Thomas up in one word it would have to be EMPOWERING.  She gave me the knowledge, understanding, empathy, and motivation to EMPOWER me to be able to be strong enough to help my very disturbed children to cope and heal.  I will always be grateful to her for risking controversy, naysayers, and ignorant opinions for the sake of helping ill-equipped parents that NEED to help their children with all of their heart.  Now state and county social workers refer new parents of kids with RAD to me for mentoring; all I can do is try to remember what I needed to hear when I felt lost, defeated, and hated by my babies.  The healing process is painful, but so very gratifying.  When you see a child that was full of hate, fear and sadness learn to love themselves, their forever family, faith, and life it is just about the most worthwhile venture imaginable.  We owe our successes to our heavenly Father, our support system & you.  Thank you for sharing your huge heart and fighting spirit!Mary O., LaValle, WI
We attended our first camp 7 years ago in beautiful Colorado, just down the road from your home.  Such an important week for us!  You not only gave us parents much needed information, but the camp also showed our “normal” children that they were not alone and that there were other families struggling with the same issues as our family was.  We will never forget you and your enthusiasm for helping these children.  We now cannot believe how many struggling parents of RAD children that we meet today.  We always refer them to your website and pass along your materials to them.Greg and Valinda M., Colorado
My husband and I learned of Nancy’s work when we were struggling to raise our then ten- year -old twins we had just adopted.  They had truly” been through the system” and all of us were looking for answers. We attended several of Nancy’s workshops in North Carolina, read her books and watched her videos.  Her advice was priceless.  We soon began to see a small light at the end of the tunnel.  Our family endured many setbacks with the twins including jail and being institutionalized– but things could have been much worse if we had not known Nancy, and heard her stories and followed her advice.  In essence, my children owe their lives to Nancy Thomas. The twins just turned 26 years old last week. We are grateful for Nancy’s guidance that helped us teach them important life lessons. Thank you, Nancy for all you give the world and grateful for all you’ve done for us.Kim H. Lake Bluff, IL
Nancy has given our family HOPE AND DIRECTION.  Raising RAD children we were lost little sheep in the dark, scary woods.  We are all beckons of Gods love, however Nancy’s light shines brighter than others.  Nancy gives people strength by having her heart and mind aligned – her honesty & understanding has inspired me to pursue a closer relationship to God.  Gods Bright Love shines thru Nancy and on to others so that the woods are not so dark or scary anymore. Nancy held our hands and shined her loving light for us to see more clearly.  Life is many things – fun, sad, exciting, there are ups and downs – mostly what we have on earth is each other.  When you encounter spiritually powerful people they draw you closer to God – and in turn promote love and strength.  Nancy not only walks with God, she’s simply very close to God – you know it instantly when you are near her energy – that clean, sweet, loving energy.  It enlightens every one near her instantly.  It reminds us we are not alone.  It reminds us of what God is really about…love.  And in turn promotes a desire in others to have their own personal relationship with God. Nancy is a beautiful beckon of love  – and she generously passes on that love to others.  I believe in God, Angels, & People…sometimes I can’t help but wonder if under all her pretty long hair – she might have a pair of neatly tucked wings.Heidi & Dave P., Tigard, Oregon
We pray that those people who broke the federal law by withholding services for our daughter will see that they can’t continue to do this.  That these innocent and broken children need the help and services that they should be getting.  I hope that Nancy knows just how much she has encouraged us to fight this good fight.  That one family can make a difference for all the kids!  Jennifer E.
I have never met you before, Nancy.  I know of you through my very dear friends, friends for over 25 years. I saw their struggles in putting together their family with their twin daughters.  I know that you were an amazing part of this successful family.  Not without continued prayers, efforts, programs and endurance, their lives are full and meaningful.Valerie S., Houston, MN
You helped me find hope in the darkest time of my life. You understood me when no one else did— except, of course, Jesus! You could understand how the joy of adoption could turn into a nightmare when others called me crazy. You understood and prayed with me on our phone consultations. Those four calls are embedded in my mind as rescue lines that pulled me out of the spiraling tunnel of confusion that was engulfing our family. I felt like I was losing everything I held dear and you helped me see God is bigger. Jesus is the victor. And, you gave me insight, tools, and hope to take each day minute by minute! You spoke into me hope and promise that God had chosen me to be the mommy of my hurting child for good, and I could rely on Him and do this hard thing! I thank God for you more than you’ll ever know and often share with others the role you played in helping our family find and see hope. Today our family is healing, smiling, and closer to Jesus for it. Our little girl is healing, teaching us so much, and our lives are better for it! You are a huge part of that story. Thank you so much! Jesus is so much dearer to me through it all—what more could I ask for!!!  You have been a vessel of hope to so many people, Nancy! Jenny C., Union, Washington
You totally helped us to keep from drowning!!  It all began seven years ago when you advised we do ‘Taming the Tiger’ with our oldest, recently brought home from Russia.  The six week program lasted 12+ weeks….but the results were astounding!!  She is now a fairly well adjusted 10 year old! And then came our next one who needed your help.  I was eight months pregnant….and our five year old son was breaking windows, punching my stomach, punching holes in walls, pulling paint off walls, trying to kill puppies.  That week with you was the turning point in our family.  We arrived drowning.  We left paddling fiercely.  You taught us a brand new parenting style.  You walked us through the ugly and held our hands the whole way. Three years later, our son is doing well.  He’s no longer destructive.  He’s generally happy.  He’s showing a kindness that we thought we would never see.  Had it not been for you and your very wise advice, we would have drowned years ago…and taken our whole family with us.  My greatest compliment ever was a couple years ago from one of our children…”Mom. You sound just like Miss Nancy!” Jody., Ohio,
Our family attended the Silverton camp last October. I am a single mother of four, two of my kids have RAD and I was completely overwhelmed. I was unable to work due to the high needs of my kids. As a result I was facing foreclosure and unable to financially provide for my kids the way I wanted to. I shared my fears with you, and you reminded me how big my God is and said ” you won’t lose your house “.  My son Jayden was giving me fits and completely out of control.  I was at my wits end and you offered me not only hope, but skills. You also allowed my family members and friends who were willing to come along side to join your morning sessions at no cost. The insight they gained enabled them to better understand my situation and actually help.  That week brought so much healing to our family and I will be forever grateful. I know that there are many families who need the gifts you have to offer! Know that the Martin family is lifting you up in prayer!The Martin Family
At my wit’s end, in 2007, I attended Camp Connection in the California Redwoods in Ben Lomond with my son, C. The fellowship with the other families was amazing and Nancy, you were such an inspiration of hope to me at that time.Cheryl H
You have forever impacted our family by your willingness to share and teach what you have learned.  There are so many things we have applied but the one thing that got us on to the healing journey for our daughter was just understanding what we are dealing with and knowing we are not alone in the journey. We appreciate all you have done for families like ours all over the world.  God Bless you for it!Devon and Lora E., Indiana
Not often in this world do we get a chance to meet someone that is truly a blessing from God. You have enriched and in some cases saved the lives of thousands of people struggling to build a positive and fulfilling family experience. I am grateful for you and better for knowing you. Our son and daughter continue to struggle but they are progressing based on the techniques you and your extended team have taught us. Jon and Michelle Ruben
YOU, Nancy, got me started on my awareness of my daughter’s abuse in China – it was you who inspired me to learn and learn and then learn some more. When I feel like giving up, I think of you – You are an inspiration to so many. WE NEED you and your wisdom and most of all your compassion for the plight of traumatized children.Nancy H., Burke, Virginia
Sue & I were attenders of the Parent Child Connection of Help One Child several years ago. The object of our love is Jeremy. We were fortunate to attend Camp 1 & 2. What a tremendous blessing it was to us and we see that it has turned into worldwide annual events for you. You are truly a visionary. Your ministry is a staple in a broken world.JERRY & SUE M. CA
Thank you for spending your life giving so much life to others! You will never know just how many lives you have helped until eternity. You don’t know us but we lived in Canon City, CO and we had foster children, Your seminar we attended in Evergreen years ago changed our lives. Thank you!!Don & Kim F.
Our family consists of our biological daughter 21, three younger children all adopted from Mexico, JC 15, Miguel 12,and Adriana 11.  We are dealing with quite a bit of RAD.  We are using your DVD’s and have read your books.  We also have trainer Vic Whittle at our house right now to help us.  We have done two intensive sessions with Teresa Gerard in FL also We appreciate all you have done to help us learn about RAD and find answers for our hurting families.  The trainers I mentioned have been great and we appreciate the effort and time you have put into helping them to understand our needs as families. Carlos, and Lynette N. south Louisiana
Thank you, Nancy for all of your helpful words through the years…  We’ve learned a lot from your website articles, books and DVDs.  Your continuously pleasant and fun disposition has been such an encouragement to us.  Rita C., San Antonio, TX
You are such a blessing to so many people and you love all the children. You helped our family in a tremendous way by letting us stay on the farm, feeding us and keeping us safe. The boys are all grown up now; B. is working full time in construction and going to college he wants to be a civil engineer, C. is working full time and A. is a senior in high school. Super Big Hug from The Johnsons!
You seriously saved lives and relationships in a way I think that only you could do. There’s not a day goes by where I don’t hear your voice in my head explain things in a way so easy to understand but yet it’s such a complex and misunderstood phenomena with children. Love from the Padillas in Anchorage, AK
I have two adopted kids with RAD and Nancy was the first hope I had that things might turn out ok.  She has paved the way and has shined a light on the path for the rest of us to follow.  Before hearing of Nancy, we were completely hopeless that our kids would ever heal.  RAD felt like a death sentence blow.  Now, we have tools in our toolbox for helping our kids to healing.  Thank you Nancy!Yvonne W.Webb City, MO

Nancy is amazing! I watched her 8 videos twice and took pages of notes. I read her book and have her website memorized.  I use the letter to teachers every year, every class. My daughter was taken from me at the age of 5 after admitting sexual abuse by her father. Corrupt courts placed her with him and told her I was dead. Two years later, after no contact, I had enough money and an attorney who understood the corruption and I got her back.  She was badly damaged.  The abuse continued, but Nancy is the one person who has helped my daughter begin to heal.  I would love to thank Nancy in person someday. We currently drive to Colorado Springs (5 hrs. Total) to see Mark Beale as recommended in Nancy’s website. He is also amazing and I am eternally grateful for the referral. Amanda, Colorado
I would like to take the time to personally thank you, I listened to your CD over and over again.  Not only did you give hope, insight and comfort, but  you made me laugh. No one else seemed to fully understand or believe what we were living.  I am forever grateful Sheryl
Nancy is a light to all, especially in the wayward children department.  She gave me tools that I had no idea existed.  She has made it possible for both of my sons to become productive, contributing members of society.  My youngest has just started his first day in High School today.  Nancy knows what a challenge he has been & what a difficult start he had to overcome.  It is absolutely amazing that he has made it this far & I don’t doubt the fact (well, maybe a little bit) that he is going to graduate.Dan Smith