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From the Parents

Here are four mins. of inspiration and courage.  Check it out here!
You are a tremendous blessing to so many.  Without your help and guidance I know that my son’s life would be very different.  In the case of my family the road to healing is a long journey but without your guidance I don’t if we would even be aware of what we are dealing with.  Thank you for all you have done for us and so many others.  God’s healing and mercy be upon you.Jennie T.

In the Castillo household the name Nancy Thomas means “hope”. We’ve never even met you, but we are counting down the days til we have the privilege to look ‘hope’ in the face. You were heavily prayed for here in the Castillo household. HE is mighty to save.The Castillo Family

We were lost, alone and scared. We are not anymore! Thank you, Nancy!Sandra D., Detroit MI

We now have more tools in our belt to help our precious child! So grateful!Melinda V., AK

We are finally out of the mangled train wreck and headed on the right track!Richard W., TX

I really love the way you teach respect and love – the work and play you intertwine with love. Fred T., ID

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From the Teachers

What a simple beautiful way to manage a class. Students knew what would happen and I always had a plan ready. I call that a win-win situation.Mary B., Teacher for over 20 years Ontario Canada

Nancy is a dynamic speaker, very knowledgeable, caring, humorous and innovative. I have learned so much from her and I have been in the teaching/counseling field for over 30 years. I have taken her information and adapted it for all kids in our elementary school. Nancy brings hope to what often seems hopeless and that is truly exciting. Anyone, who has the opportunity to hear Nancy speak will be empowered and will gain great insight into helping children.Julie Mendenhall, CO School Counselor

I have been using Nancy Thomas’s strategies in my classroom for four years and have been training other teachers to use this program. I have been given the most challenging children during this time and have had 100% success changing the children’s challenging behaviors in as little time as two weeks.Wendy P., Canada

From the Children

Thank you with all my heart.Brady J., ID
This has been the best and worst week of my life. : ) Thanks. Love,Carlie 16 Year old
Thank you Miss Nancy for helping me get my heart strong.Holly An 11-Year-old
Thank you for helping me and my family out with our problems. From the first kid who was in flight check,Zane, Australia
I can say that my mother’s parenting was crucial in my healing and conscience development. Mom (Nancy Thomas) stood in the gap when there seemed to be no other options available and I seemed to be destined to either prison or something equally horrid. She showed me love and acceptance when none was available anywhere else.Nancy's son (21 years old)
My name is Hayley. I have worked very hard on healing. It all started with Stacey. She made it so that I now have a dead sister named Paige. It hurt to know I had a sister that died of neglect. My new mom helped me, she loved me and gave me hugs when I got mad. My mom took me to a therapist who learned about attachment and EMDR. I went to other therapists but the attachment therapy helped me the most. My mom would hold and snuggle me and that made me trust her more. She filled me up with her love and I let everything bad pass away and I could focus on the future. I focused on the good things like the nice things my brother did, not the bad things. I have worked so hard to heal and now I can trust my mom when she says its time to go. Now I don’t even ask “where are we going? ” I used to throw things and bang holes in the wall. I have not banged holes in the wall for over 9 months. I haven’t hit my mom since last year. I feel I’m a totally different person, I am overwhelmed with joy. I am also doing better in school. I have changed a lot, I do not feel the rage I used to feel.(12 Years old)

From Mental Health Professionals

From the Facilitators and Conference Sponsors

Amazing and Dynamic! Feedback has been tremendous! You touched a lot of people and the parents were really empowered as they left our conference! (Just as we knew they would be!)Laurie, Athens, GA
Nancy gave our participants effective methods and how to do them lovingly and appropriately. Parents and professionals were enriched by her knowledge and heart for the children. They left our conference bubbling over with enthusiasm to return to help the children. Parents were encouraged and empowered. Professionals were excited. The reviews were outstanding. They gave her a standing ovation! Many asked us to have Nancy come back. We plan on it!Sheila K. Redding, CA
Nancy’s wisdom, energy and laughter helped so many! The Lord is certainly using you in a mighty way! I have had lots of great feedback after the conference.Nanci H, Pullman, NY
The participants left the workshop wanting more. People are still talking about how much they enjoyed your talk and it was two weeks ago!Hana Y, Northern Valley Catholic Social Service
Incredible! So many great ideas were shared!Darin O. MA
Nancy’s varied first-hand experience was very useful. Her easygoing personality and style of presenting made it easy for our participants to relate to her and to the material.Barbara T, Oakland CA
Excellent, well-researched information. Nancy’s sense of humor makes her presentation very enjoyable. The day flew by!Sheila G, WI
It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Nancy Thomas to speak at your gathering. She is a wonderful public speaker full of zeal, humor and knowledge. She was a true blessing to us and I am confident that she will bring great ideas and new insight to your organization.Sara Marina, Seminar Coordinator, Romania

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