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Respite Defined!

What is Respite?

Respite is defined as: “lifting a burden or pain”. When living with a challenging child, that means someone else takes the child and gives parents a break. This is essential for children over 5 that are wearing their parents down to the angry, screaming style of parenting. A respite provider MUST be trained to do the job properly or the child comes home sicker and tortures the parents for days, thus wearing them down further.

Where Do We Find Respite

Where do we find these saints trained and willing to take in a screaming, defiant, destructive child to save the sanity of the parents? You won’t find them at Walmart and not on either! These treasures have to be found and trained.  Anyone who is not feeding children nutritious meals, having them sleep with no bedding and pillow, not treating them like a human is OFF TRACK!! CAUTION!!! They cannot heal when they are neglected and abused. That is how most of them got off track in the first place. Respite is not Disneyland, nor is it a torture chamber. It is a place to miss parents and all the extra loving things they do while building and practicing useful skills to become a healthier family member. It is a time for families to recharge while their child is in a safe place. Potential Respite Providers can be retired Teachers, Police Officers, Military etc. We want someone who is used to tight boundaries and structure so they can do a great job!

The Need is Great

The need is great! The outcry for help is deafening! This program could literally save lives as we support parents struggling to help their children! I am all about stopping the violence and increasing the love and laughter in homes. I believe kids are supposed to fly kites and bake cookies with happy parents. I believe it is time for the war to be over inside the houses and that respite is a vital part of making that happen. We need to join together and do all we can to support and help parents.

If you want help, I have DVD set to train respite providers for $34.95. You can get it here.

We can make a difference, Nancy

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