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RAD To Do List

by Nancy Thomas

1. Do take care of yourself.
2. Do expect respect.
3. Do provide external controls until child develops internal controls.
4. When you speak, keep it short and sweet.
5. ‘Soft and huggable’ moms can better help their kids to be ‘soft and huggable’.
6. Do remember what it was like to be a kid.
7. Kids need to play every day for brain development.
8. Kids need to help with chores.
9. Well-fed kids learn faster.
10. Withholding food = withholding love. Withholding love = failure.
11. Do protect younger children and pets.
12. Individual rooms are not a luxury, they are a necessity with RAD.
13. Active kids heal faster. Have them climb, swim, hike, swing and jump.
14. Every meal should be prepared with love. Good food is not a privilege.
15. Family routine should be centered around the home not extra-curricular activities.
16. Do eat a minimum of ten meals a week together around the table.
17. Unplug the television for at least a year.
18. Do sit beside your child every minute they are on the internet.
19. Keep your eyes and ears on your child, not the tv, phone or computer.
20. Growing children need 10 to 12 hours of sleep a night–with lights off.
21. Teach table manners so children are not embarrassed in front of others.
22. A good consequence does not involve shame.
23. Dress your child for success–nice haircut and clothing.
24. Delay adding new siblings until the sick child is healthy for at least six months.
25. Do believe your child can heal 100%

Every Child Deserves A Chance At a Happy Life and Success!!

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