The Secret Inside Your Head To A Happier Life Workbook




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This 32 page workbook by Deborah Hage, MSW takes parents and professionals step by step to help a hurting child understand and change behavior. This is a great workbook to be used with younger children, tweens and teens. Page 2 “Draw a picture of your face and head… This is what is behind your face, inside your head. It is called your brain.”

Page 6 “Emotions don’t just show on your face. They can be seen inside your head as well… Pathways connect your thoughts and feelings to each other”

About the author:
Deborah Hage MSW, after raising 14 children, (two biological, seven adopted and five foster children), she finished her Masters degree in Psychology and began working as an Attachment Therapist. She has studied extensively and lived with children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and physical, emotional and intellectual challenges. Bottom line… She knows what she is talking about!

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