HeartLink for Tots – An Online Course for Calming

From: $299.00 / month for 4 months

This on-line course guides you step by step to success.



Master Course

This six week online course gives you the complete how-to’s for bringing peace and calm to your home with an adopted or trauma effected 1-5 year old. This outstanding course has helped little ones from all over the world. You can do it right at home. It works! Your Independent Study will give you:

  • Step by Step Solutions To Deal With Tantrums
  • Ideas For Building Cooperation
  • Tools For How To Stop Pulling Your Hair Out
  • A Spark To Turn Your Passion Into Action
  • More Peace, Love, & Laughter!

Join Nancy for powerful inspiration and information! Let’s make this the year you embark on a future filled with success and achievement!!

The investment is $1200. Payment plan available ( 2 payments of $599 or 4 Payments of $299)


Would you like more help?

Nancy is available to walk this full course with you side by side. Together you can problem solve and strategize specifically to your child. You pick the day and time and Nancy will meet with you at your convenience with answers. Become a VIP and add 6 phone consults personally with Nancy for only $400. That is an additional savings of $170!

VIP package (includes Full course PLUS 6 hours of one-on-one phone time with Nancy). Payment plan available (2 payments of $799 or 4 payments of $399)

When you are ready for more help just choose VIP under “student type”.