Dandelion On My Pillow, Butcher Knife Beneath




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This is the true story of an amazing family that lived with and loved children who killed! This shocking and thought provoking account is about emotionally lost children and how some found their way back. Through the work by this courageous family comes this spellbinding metamorphosis of nine children. Written by Nancy Thomas and her daughters. Terena Thomas, a gifted writer, shares the stories of woe and wonder of her valiant family. Beth Thomas, once labeled the “Child of Rage” by HBO, is now a phenomenal woman. Her story is all here!

Dandelion is a poignant, inside exploration of the devastation inflicted upon one and all caught in the web of severe attachment disorders. This emotionally charged book should be required reading for those who work with children, especially those involved in the child protection services branches, as it presents patterns and symptoms as well as effective approaches to the children that so many give up on. I have been touched and educated from the stories of the persons within these pages.”
-Denise M.Arehart, Ph.D., Developmental Psychologist, University of Colorado at Denver

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × .75 in


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