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Parenting Support

Support is essential for success when parenting emotionally disturbed children. Having appropriate ways to vent relieves tension. When we relieve tension, we then have the energy to focus on the task at hand. We all have an ‘edge’ that we can be pushed over. When we have no where to turn, and no one to turn to because we’ve become isolated, we, as parents are more likely to lose our temper and say things or do things that we regret. The best way to deal with this is to set up a support system. Let’s all be proactive on this! It takes a special and devoted friend to continue to come around when there is a child with severe emotional disturbance in the home. Many do not understand what it’s like to live, day-in and day-out, being ‘tortured’ emotionally by someone you love.

How do you find people who understand?

The web is an excellent resource for networking. Parents join together once the children are all ‘nestled and snug’ in their beds, to vent, problem-solve, share hopes, share sadness, and share dreams. Participate in online support group meetings in our Connection club Browse articles by other parents, click links, attend webinars, or sign up for our email newsletter to find online support.

Sometimes the best method of support comes when you immerse yourself and your family in a specially designed camp full of love and ideas and best of all, others like you! You may consider a one or two day workshop. There you will find a room filled with parents who understand your plight. Some parents have had great success by putting a notice in the church bulletin or school newspaper inviting parents who have children with clinical problems or adoption problems together for dessert. It’s not, ‘if you build it they will come’. It’s, ‘if you feed them they will come’! Here is more information about starting a support group.

Trained therapists are also there to support you and your family. One-on-one phone consultation packages with Nancy Thomas are full of support solutions. We have amassed a list of recommended therapists and we welcome your own recommendations too. Or visit Nancy Thomas’s trained support team at Advanced Parenting for Challenging Children to find support near you. Many of these Advanced Parents have seen first hand the struggles that you may be facing.