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Want Help with RAD or a challenging child? We've Got It!

I have lots of articles HERE in my blog where I share with you what I have learned in over 40 years of living with these super challenging children! Our newsletter can keep you updated. Send your email to & we will get it to you!

Want to SEE How to Help a Struggling Child?

Our best selling DVD set that shows you the full plan for how to parent a child with RAD is “Mastering Steps to Help a Challenging Child.” It is filled with great tools to guide you to success with a child that struggles with defiance and disrespect.$79.95 Get yours HERE.

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Our Best Seller!

Our top selling parent book is “When Love is Not Enough: A Guide to Parenting Children with RAD,” $18.00 available HERE

Really Ready to Dive in and Make Big Changes?

This knock your socks off on-line course has been proven to make those big changes in homes! This course walks you step by step through this powerful program to stop the lying, stealing, arguing and all that nonsense and bring love and laughter back to your home! Are you ready? Click HERE to learn more.

Five weeks into the class 80% of parents taking this course reported a clear reduction in violence and 100% reported an increase in their happiness at home! What past students are saying:

For so long I would question what I was supposed to do. For the last six weeks on this course we were able to get answers on big things and little things.VIP Parents Mike & Maureen, Canada

You have given us tools that can help our little girl. We have dreamed of this day. We have been doing some of these new things and it is working fantastically, Superbly, and Amazingly! You know what I mean. I am so excited!Shirley K., Australia

A lady is watching our child  while my husband and I watch these videos. She said, “Your little girl is not the same child she was!” She is doing GREAT! Boy howdy do I know it. I am a new mom! My child will actually hug me! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! Thanks with all our heartsBrent & Shari, Colorado

“There is no higher calling in life than raising the children God has entrusted in your care,” says Dr. James Dobson. He is so right! The challenge of raising an emotionally disturbed child has its agonies and its ecstasies. We call it ‘hugging the porcupine’. Baby porcupines need to have touch and love, and their mother must find a way to do it safely. Parenting these children is very different from parenting ‘normal’ children. The star charts and smiley face charts have proven ‘worse than useless’. When people ask me what I do for a living, I often reply that I work with ‘abused’ parents! These children CAN heal! When we stand together, we can make a powerful difference! You are not alone. There are many of us finding ways to hug our ‘porcupines’ to health.

We can make a difference, Nancy