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Nancy Thomas

Nancy and her husband, Jerry, have shared their lives with severely emotionally disturbed children for over 40 years in the mountains of Colorado in a home centered on healing the hearts of children. They have 3 birth children, 3 adopted, 13 grandchildren and have fostered and cared for over 100 children. Nancy believes we can make a difference and has dedicated her life to helping others.

As a Professional Therapeutic Parent, Nancy has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of children in tens of thousands of homes in the US and internationally. Their words speak volumes about the results they have gotten from the research-backed, proven tools that Nancy teaches.

Nancy Thomas is not a doctor, psychiatrist or therapist. She is an amazing mom who has, through years of search, study and experience, found solutions to parenting challenging children. She has one of the highest success rates (85%) in the country turning violent children around. After her powerful work was highlighted in the HBO documentary “Child of Rage” she became a much sought after speaker. Nancy has been invited to speak in all 50 US States and 11 foreign countries. With over 97% outstanding reviews, she has spoken for Government Agencies, Schools, Private Groups, Adoptive and Foster Parents, Colleges, Medical Schools, Treatment Centers, and the Courts. She has taught over 50,000 parents and professionals and has been invited to be on TV, and radio. She has been honored to receive repeated requests for encores from her audiences of Parents, Social Workers, Case Workers, Child Protective Workers and Teachers.

Nancy is the author of: When Love Is Not Enough, Dandelion On My Pillow Butcher Knife Beneath and co-author of The Handbook of Attachment Interventions published by Academic Press and numerous instructional DVDs and CDs. Well known for having answers to managing and solving parenting problems with emotionally disturbed children, Nancy has worked alongside some of the leading therapists in the US and continues to partner with treatment professionals seeking solutions to helping families with their challenging children. Many of her contemporaries have recognized her for her valiant and dedicated efforts specializing in attachment and conscience development with violent children.

Nancy also gives back to the worldwide community through the nonprofit group she founded, Stop America’s Violent Youth (SAVY, Inc.). She directs Family Bonding Camps for families with challenging children, and continues to conduct seminars and workshops to empower teachers, parents, and mental health professionals. Audiences have given her standing ovations from LA to London. She makes a difference!

NOTE: Image of Nancy Thomas courtesy of Star Newman at Acts of Beauty.