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Help is On The Way!

“It was a breakthrough!” the Dad tearfully shared at breakfast. “My great big teenage son! Finally, after all these years!” The exhausted Mom, her eyes shining with newly found hope, shared that she had given up. “I felt like he would just end up in prison. Last night after the therapy session, my son and I sat up and talked and shared until after midnight. He has never opened up to me like that in all these years!” Her eyes filled with tears as she thanked the amazing, skilled therapist with all her heart. We were all on an island far from home. I had been honored to watch the therapist work with the children the day before. The tropical rain washed over me and cleared my vision for the future.

More Help for Children in Russia than in the US!

Last year I took two other outstanding therapists to Russia to train the mental health professionals there with the effective tools to help heal children suffering from RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). It filled my heart to know that there were now over 50 professionals capable of lifting the pain of thousands of orphaned and adopted children throughout that country. It broke my heart to know that they now have more help for the children of Russia than we do here at home in the US.

Parents Invest Hope and Finances

I hear nightmare stories of our wounded children that have had years and thousands of dollars of ineffective treatment at the hands of kind, caring mental health professionals who don’t know that they don’t know how to treat our children. Parents invest hope and finances year after year and see no progress as the suffering at home and the failure continues.

Children Deserve Proper Treatment

It’s time!! My non-profit, SAVY, Inc. is ready for action and committed to making a difference!! Let’s fix this problem! Children deserve proper treatment that WORKS and parents deserve effective help and support!!

Here’s the Plan

My board of directors is on it!! So here’s the plan. We are going to train Mental Health Professionals so that they have the understanding the tools and the peer support to knock the socks of this attachment problem, connect hearts and launch the healing for the children and the families they have abused.

We Are Starting SOON!

The training will begin soon! We are searching for those who have a heart for our children with RAD that want to do it right and make a difference! If you are one or know one let us know!

Mental Health Professionals are Invited to Join the List

Mental health professionals that have their Masters degree or above are invited to attend. We plan to bring only the best of the best to teach! This comprehensive training will come with a certification so that clients can have confidence to find those that truly know what to do to provide effective help.

Join The List to get More Information About this Comprehensive Training

The need is great for professionals with effective tools to help the thousands of children suffering with RAD or Developmental Trauma Disorder! Join us and help  pass the word to professional peers to gather those with a heart and background to effectively help the children. We will make sure professionals get their tool boxes FILLED!

Send your name and those who want more info to: or call (970) 984-2222. Make sure your name is on the list before it is full!