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Advanced Parenting Academy

Advanced Parenting Academy Master Courses

AT LAST, a full comprehensive course designed by internationally renowned parenting specialist, Nancy Thomas, that includes step by step videos to show you exactly how. In a way that only she can do, Nancy, will take you on a laugh filled journey to heal the heart of a challenging child and bring heavenly peace to your home. This program works! It is research backed and proven.

Each 6 week program gives you the full plan from getting them up in the morning, helping them with behaviors through the day and all the way through getting them to bed. You can watch whenever you want, as many times as you like! Three courses, designed for each age group, are ready to guide you to success with a challenging child. Pick the age group that will best serve you.

The most valuable thing about this course was that it stopped the violence and got us all laughing together as a family! I felt like a good mom again!  Nickie K, Ontario
Incredible! So many great ideas were shared! Darin O, MA

Heart Healing for 5-13 Year Olds

Help your challenging child become:*Respectful,*Responsible, and *Fun to be with. Includes lots of new tools to make big changes like; get chores done, arguing stopped, attitude changed and MORE FUN for your family. Your stress will be less as your child heads toward healing. Kick back and learn how, step by step! A new module is released each week with your new tools to use. Watch them whenever you like and as often as you want. Ready to make big changes? Lets do it!

HeartLink for Tots

Little ones brains are developing at Mach 1 so we can make huge changes much more quickly before they are 5 years old. You are wise to begin right away with this powerful heart to heart healing for challenging toddlers. 6 weeks to stop the fighting, fits, hitting and screaming. Designed to bring peace to their heart and yours as you help heal their past. This program has been used successfully for over 20 years. The little ones are now grown and successful. Yours can be too! Let’s get started.

Heartsmart for Teens

Teens bring extra challenges to the table! We have answers! It’s time to help them become kind, caring adults before they launch! This 6 week course is filled with ideas and new tools to guide you to success with your troubled teen. Each week video modules show you exactly how to do it step by step. You see it done right so you can avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks as I lead you down the path I have found to success with teens. Let’s stop the yelling and get to the fun!